The right time has come 🕒
25H studio was founded in 2018 by two soulmates Tomáš Dymeš and Ondřej Peľák. The name reflects our workoholistic temperaments,
we❤ to work 25 hours a day.

Our knowledge builds on user experience, UI design, 3D printing, material development, research&developement, mechanics, prototyping, IoT, electronics, HW design, light design and much more... While it sound crazy, we believe, we can help you in not just these areas when linked to design.

We force ourselves to take a different look at a given problem and enrich every project we work on with something more than just a good look. Yet we definitelly don't know everything and therefore we are looking forward to new challenges.

Currently we are open to new clients and we will be glad to have you on board.

We are based in Prague, Czech republic.